Evolutionary War

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Evolutionary War
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Premiere date: September 4, 2005
Run time: 11:35
Starring: Gary Cole
Stephen Colbert
Thomas Allen
Chris Edgerly
Peter MacNicol
John Michael Higgins
Maurice LaMarche
Music composed by: Michael Kohler
Writers: Adam Pava
Michael Ouweleen
Erik Richter
Directors: Richard Ferguson-Hull
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"Evolutionary War" is the seventh episode of Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law season three, and the twenty-seventh overall. It aired on September 4, 2005 on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block. It was written by Adam Pava and series creators, Michael Ouweleen and Erik Richter, produced by Evan W. Adler, and directed by Richard Ferguson-Hull. The Hanna-Barbera character ridiculed in this episode is Captain Caveman.

Representing Captain Caveman and his son in court to prove evolution exists so it can be taught in the latter's class, Harvey questions his own place on the evolution line.

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Memorable quotes

Potamus: Is that you, Birdman?
Harvey: Now is not a good time.
Potamus: You got that thing I sent you?
Harvey: No. No, I didn't. I never get that thing you send me. I've never gotten that thing you sent me...and I'm beginning to wonder whether you ever once sent me anything. While I'm at it...If I had gotten that thing you sent me--ever--I doubt I'd be interested in what it said.

Potamus: He got that thing I sent him!


Character debut Speaking debut Ep. debut No lines Mentioned

In order of appearance:

Character Actor
Mr. Felder Peter MacNicol
Cavey Jr. Maurice LaMarche
Phil Ken Sebben Stephen Colbert
Captain Caveman Chris Edgerly
Peanut Thomas Allen
Isaac Newton N/A
Avenger Unavailable
Harvey Birdman Gary Cole
Peter Potamus Chris Edgerly
Cave bird Chris Edgerly
Governor Gary Cole
Judge Mentok John Michael Higgins
Myron Reducto Stephen Colbert
Bailiff N/A
Doggie Daddy N/A
Snagglepuss N/A
Blip (picture) N/A
Little Twosome (picture) N/A
Tara (picture) N/A
Fred Flintstone N/A
Race Bannon (picture) N/A
Doctor Quincy Unavailable
Tinker Unavailable
The Bear N/A
Chiseler Thomas Allen
Hokey Wolf N/A
George Washington (picture) N/A
Magilla Gorilla Maurice LaMarche
Nun N/A
Wilma Flintstone N/A
Pebbles Flintstone N/A
Dino N/A




  • "Science" book
  • Reducto's shrink gun
  • Hot tub time machine (mentioned)


  • None





The music was composed by Michael Kohler.


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