Incredible Hippo

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Incredible Hippo
Birth of the Incredible Hippo.png
Network Adult Swim (Cartoon Network)
Premiere date October 8, 2006
Starring Gary Cole
Stephen Colbert
Thomas Allen
Chris Edgerly
Maurice LaMarche
John Michael Higgins
Music composed by Michael Kohler
Writer(s) Michael Ouweleen
Erik Richter
Director(s) Richard Ferguson-Hull
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"Incredible Hippo" is the second episode of Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law season four, and the thirty-fourth overall. It aired on October 8, 2006 on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block. It was written by series creators, Michael Ouweleen and Erik Richter, produced by Evan W Adler, and directed by Richard Ferguson-Hull. The Hanna-Barbera series ridiculed in this episode is Atom Ant, or perhaps more so the character of Peter Potamus.

Harvey defends Atom Ant when he gets in trouble for his radioactive pellet-like droppings, which Potamus eats by mistake, transforming him must into 'the creature,' which he struggles to overcome and hide from the office.

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Memorable quotes

Potamus: I can't open that thing!

Potamus: Hey, boss! You get that thing I sent ya?


Character debut Speaking debut Ep. debut No lines Mentioned

In order of appearance:

Character Actor
Atom Ant Maurice LaMarche
EPA agent Chris Edgerly
Harvey Birdman Gary Cole
Peanut Thomas Allen
Omar N/A
Captain Caveman N/A
The Bear N/A
Inch High Maurice LaMarche
Peter Potamus Chris Edgerly
Avenger N/A
Judge Mentok John Michael Higgins
Myron Reducto Stephen Colbert
St. Jabbeneezer N/A
Norlisa (figurine) N/A
Cafeteria lady N/A
X, the Eliminator N/A
Mr. Reducto (photo) N/A
Mrs. Reducto (photo) N/A
Employee Maurice LaMarche
Phil Ken Sebben (photo) Stephen Colbert
Kimberly N/A
Debbie N/A
Janitor N/A
Blue Falcone N/A
Cubby McQuilken N/A
Kim Jong-il N/A
Gus N/A
Mister Rogers N/A





  • Army tank




The opening of the episode was supposed to be presented as a classic episode of Atom Ant called "Secret Agency."


The music was composed by Michael Kohler.


Dates are in order of release:

  • United States: October 8, 2006 on Adult Swim (Cartoon Network)

Behind the scenes

  • The episode title as well Potamus's transformation is a parody of the Hulk character from Marvel Comics, as well as the live-action 1970s/1980s The Incredible Hulk TV series the Hulk comics inspired.
    • The line "You wouldn't like me when I'm hungry," (or "You wouldn't like me when I'm horny") is a paraphrase of David Banner's line "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry" from the TV series. Incidentally, the former was also used in a similar parody in the Dexter's Laboratory episode "Hunger Strikes." Also, Banner himself said this two years later after the Harvey Birdman episode, in the film The Incredible Hulk, when he says "hungry" instead of "angry" while trying to speak Portuguese.
    • During the end credits, Potamus walks away sadly with his backpack to music reminiscent of "The Lonely Man."
  • Wedgie's Donuts is a parody of Wedgie's Donuts.
  • Edgerly is promoted to co-star for this episode.
  • This is the first time Judy has appeared without becoming Birdgirl, although her secret identity is mentioned.
  • The episode is dedicated to someone called Coco.


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