James Arnold Taylor

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James Arnold Taylor
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Years active at Cartoon Network Studios 2003-2004
Years active at Warner Bros. 2003-2017, 2023
Characters played Fred Flintstone
George Avocados

James Arnold Taylor is an American voice actor.



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The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy

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Johnny Bravo

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Powerpuff Girls

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Space Ghost

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Wacky Races

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Other roles

  • In the Star Wars universe, Taylor has been the voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi in animated series and video games since 2003, replicating the voice of Ewan McGregor who played him in live-action form in the prequel films.
  • Taylor is the voice of the titular cartoon character Johnny Test, which aired on TV from 2005-2014. It was produced by Warner Bros. Animation for its first two seasons, and Cookie Jar Entertainment for seasons 2-6, with some assistance in the first season. It aired on on The WB/The CW for its first three seasons, before moving to Cartoon Network. Cookie Jar folded into DHX Media by the sixth season, which then rebranded itself as WildBrain Studios by 2021 when it revived Johnny Test to be streamed on Netflix, who continued it until 2022.
  • Taylor is the English voice of Tidus, the main character of the RPG game Final Fantasy X and its sequel X2. He also voiced Tidus in a few spin-off games of the franchise, save for his guest appearances in the Kingdom Hearts games, of which a younger version of him was instead portrayed by Shaun Fleming.

Behind the scenes

  • Taylor voiced Fred Flintstone in the Drawn Together episode "Lost in Parking Space Part Two." He also voiced Brainy Smurf in The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie!
  • Taylor replaced Henry Corden as the voice of Fred Flintstone, after the latter had died. According to the documentary I Know That Voice, he secured the job after being handpicked by Corden, as his skinny frame wasn't convincing enough to hire him. Taylor said his voice was a merger between Corden and his predecessor, Alan Reed. Taylor has since been replaced by Jeff Bergman.
  • Taylor replaced Dave Foley as the voice of Doctor Ostwald when the latter was unavailable to reprise his role.

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