Mr. Spacely

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Mr. Spacely
Mr. Spacely.png
Species Human
Gender Male
Affiliation Spacely Space Sprockets
George Jetson
Occupation Sprocket factory owner
Marital status Husband to Mrs. Spacely
Children One son, Arthur Spacely
First appearance TJ: "Rosey the Robot" (1962)
Played by Mel Blanc (1962-90)
Jeff Bergman (since 1990)
Universal Spacely.png
Jetsons: The Movie
DC Spacely.png
The Jetsons

Mr. Cosmo Spacely is a supporting character in the Jetsons animated franchise. His voice was originated by Mel Blanc.

Spacely is the owner and CEO of Spacely Space Sprockets in the year 2062. He relies on his simple employee George Jetson more than he should, and more than he would give credit for. Spacely's main rival is Mr. Cogswell of Cogswell Cogs.

Character description

Mr. Spacely is a man of short stature, with three hairs over his balding head and a black toothbrush mustache. He wears a green suit coupled with a blue tie and black pants.

Spacely is a CEO who is both arrogant and greedy. He frequently yells at George over his poor work performance, or just when he feels like it. He also tries to threaten to fire George over the slightest offense, though there are times where Spacely gives George his job back; typically at the end of the episode or the beginning of the next episode. While money is often the main objective in his life, Spacely admits to never be heartless, and will at times empathize or go out of his way to help out George (albeit rarely). Spacely also finds excuses to get involved in George's personal life.

Despite his position, Spacely's main competitor is Mr. Cogswell; the comapny CEO of Cogswell Cogs. Seeing him as a threat to both his business and George, Spacely and Cogswell butt heads to see who is the best. As such, the two are always finding a way to dismantle each other's company.


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Behind the scenes

  • In Jellystone!, Bobbie Louie fills in his role as CEO of Spacely's Sprockets in the future, due to fortuitous market conditions.

In popular culture

  • In the Tiny Toon Adventures episode "You Asked for It" ("Duck Out of Luck" segment), when the fighter jets target the King Kong-sized Plucky Duck, one jet shoots anything but actual missiles, such as Mr. Spacely, who is wearing an orange t-shirt.
  • In the Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode "One Hundred," Carl becomes an unwilling participant in a Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! parody, but he transforms into a character more like Spacely.
  • In the Family Guy episode "Pilling Them Softly," when Quagmire fires Peter from his kitchen show, Peter says he can only be fired by Mr. Spacely, who pops up on the set and fires him without remorse, which causes Peter to sadly walk away. Mr. Spacely is voiced by Seth MacFarlane.
  • In The Simpsons episode "Children of a Lesser Clod," when Homer is hit in the leg by George Jetson in his basketball fantasy, he yells "JETSON!" the same way Spacely does.