A Hero for Earth

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A Hero for Earth
Planeteers and CP covered in waste.png
Premiere date: September 15, 1990
Starring: David Coburn
LeVar Burton
Joey Dedio
Janice Kawaye
Scott Menville
Kath Soucie
Whoopi Goldberg
Frank Welker
Edward Asner
John Ratzenberger
Music composed by: Tom Worrall
Writers: Nicholas Boxer (story)
Marsha Goodman
Directors: Will Meugniot
Gordon Hunt (voices)
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"A Hero for Earth" is the first episode of Captain Planet and the Planeteers season one. It aired on September 15, 1990 on TBS. It was written by Licholas Boxer and Billy Ruebin, and directed by Will Meugniot.

When Hoggish Greedly's oil drilling disturbs the coastline, it awakens Gaia, who summons five environmentally passionate kids to fight for her cause in defending the planet's ecosystem.

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In order of appearance:

Character Actor
Hoggish Greedly Edward Asner
Rigger John Ratzenberger
Gaia Whoopi Goldberg
Kwame LeVar Burton
Gi Janice Kawaye
Wheeler Joey Dedio
Linka Kath Soucie
Suchi Frank Welker
Ma-Ti Scott Menville




  • Power rings


  • Hoggish's derrick




The episode was copyrighted in 1990.


The main title and music were composed by Tom Worrall, and the end title music was composed by Murray McFadden and Timothy Mulhollan, with lyrics for the latter written by Nicholas Boxer. The music supervisor was Joanne Miller.


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Behind the scenes


  • Gaia refers to North America as to where Wheeler comes from, although more specifically he comes from Brooklyn, New York. Why Gaia couldn't just say America is unclear.

Marketing and promotion

In 1992, Marvel Comics published an ongoing series, with the first issue adapting this episode.

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