Great Fondoo

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Great Fondoo
Great Fondoo.png
Great Fondoo in "Athens, Greece and the Ozarks".
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Member of: Really Rottens
Affiliation: Magic Rabbit
Father: Not mentioned
Mother: Not mentioned
Marital status: Single
First appearance: LAL: "The Swiss Alps and Tokyo, Japan" (1977)
Played by: John Stephenson
WR 2017 Great Fondoo.png
Wacky Races
DC Fondoo.png
Deathstroke/Yogi Bear Special

The Great Fondoo is a magician, owner of Magic Rabbit, and a member of the Really Rottens in the Laff-A-Lympics animated television series. He is voiced by John Stephenson.

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Behind the scenes

In popular culture

  • In the Robot Chicken skit "Laff-A-Munich" segment of the episode "Ban on the Fun", he is seen being questioned by Snooper and Blabber about the murders of the Yogi Yahooeys, after Fondoo explains that most of the Really Rottens were original characters and made just for the show, they shot and killed him for not answering their question.