Around the World in 79 Days

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Around the World in 79 Days
ATWI79D title card.png
On-screen title card.
Network ABC
Production company Hanna-Barbera
Original release September 6-December 27, 1969
Starring Daws Butler
Allan Melvin
Don Messick
Janet Waldo
Bruce Watson
Producer(s) William Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Music composed by Hoyt Curtin
Director(s) William Hanna
Joseph Barbera

Around the World in 79 Days is a series of animated segments as part of the Cattanooga Cats, produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions for ABC's Saturday morning children's programming debuting. It ran in 1969, airing 17 episodes that spanned one season.

Based on the novel Around the World in 80 Days, the shorts follow Phineas Fogg, Jr., followed by Jenny Trent and her assistant Hoppy, as they must travel around the world in a balloon in less than 80 days to retrieve Phineas's great great grandfather's fortune. But if they fail to do the quest, the fortune will go to Crumden, who chases them to sabotage their journey with his pet monkey Smirky, and the not-so-bright driver Bumbler.




The music was composed by Hoyt Curtin.


Episode Original air date
1x01 September 6, 1969
1x02 September 13, 1969
1x03 September 20, 1969
1x04 September 27, 1969
1x05 October 4, 1969
1x06 October 11, 1969
1x07 October 18, 1969
1x08 October 25, 1969
1x09 November 1, 1969
1x10 November 8, 1969
1x11 November 15, 1969
1x12 November 22, 1969
1x13 November 29, 1969
1x14 December 6, 1969
1x15 December 13, 1969
1x16 December 20, 1969
1x17 December 27, 1969