Smallstar Seaworthy

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Smallstar Seaworthy
Smallstar Seaworthy.png
Species Snork
Gender Female
Father Mr. Seaworthy
Mother Mrs. Seaworthy
Brother(s) Allstar Seaworthy
Other relative(s) One uncle, Doctor Galeo
Marital status Single
First appearance Snorks: "Vandal Scandal" (1984)
Played by Gail Matthius

Smallstar Seaworthy is a supporting character in the Snorks animated television series. She is voiced by Gail Matthius.

Character description



For no reason whatsoever, Junior Wetworth accuses Tooter of vandalizing his father Governor Wetworth's statue with red markings. Later, Tooter finds a red crayon, which Junior witnesses and is validated, leading Governor Wetworth to set up a trial for Tooter to be prosecuted by the Council of Elders. In the end, though, it is discovered that baby Smallstar innocently drew over it with her crayon, something Governor Wetworth could do nothing about, even as she scribbled over his face.[1]

Behind the scenes


  1. ^ Snorks: "Vandal Scandal," season 1, episode 2A (1984).