Mr. Seaworthy

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Mr. Seaworthy
Mr. Seaworthy.png
Species Snork
Gender Male
Occupation Engineer
Works for Snorkland Steam Plant
Father Not mentioned
Mother Not mentioned
Marital status Husband to Mrs. Seaworthy
Son(s) Allstar Seaworthy
Daughter(s) Smallstar Seaworthy
First appearance Snorks: "Journey to the Source" (1984)
Played by Bob Holt (1984-85)
Alan Oppenheimer (1987-89)

Mr. Seaworthy is a Snork, the father of Allstar and Smallstar, and a supporting character in the Snorks animated television series. He was voiced by Bob Holt in the first two seasons, then Alan Oppenheimer took over for the remaining two seasons.

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