A Most Excellent Roman Holiday

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A Most Excellent Roman Holiday
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Mark your calendars for June 9.
Premiere date: September 29, 1990
Run time: 23:00
Starring: Keanu Reeves
Alex Winter
George Carlin
Bernie Casey
Peter Renaday
Tony Jay
Music composed by: Chuck Loeb
Writers: Wayne Kaatz & Gorden Kent
Directors: Gordon Hunt (voices)
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"A Most Excellent Roman Holiday" is the third episode of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures season one. It aired on September 29, 1990 on CBS. It was written by Wayne Kaatz and Gordon Kent, and voice directed by Gordon Hunt.

Bill and Ted have to pass a Latin class to remain in the Wyld Stallions. To decipher a Latin phrase on a rare coin minted during the reign of Julius Caesar, they use their phone booth to travel back right to the source.

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In order of appearance:

Character Actor
Bill S. Preston, Esquire Alex Winter
Ted "Theodore" Logan Keanu Reeves
Vice Principal Ryan Bernie Casey
Detective Logan Peter Renaday
Mr. Preston Unavailable
Missy Preston Unavailable
Atilla the Hun
Latin teacher Unavailable
George Washington (illustration) N/A
Incan high priest Unavailable
John Glenn
Three Most Important People Tony Jay
Rufus George Carlin
Aunt Dodie
Kashka Unavailable
Brutus's friend Unavailable
Brutus Unavailable
Julius Caesar Unavaliable
Centurion Unavailable





  • Chariots





The theme song was performed by Randy Peterson and Kevin Quinn. The music was composed by Chuck Leob for Score Productions. Bodie Chandler was the director of music production.


Dates are in order of release:

  • United States: September 29, 1990 on CBS

Behind the scenes

  • In the film the cartoon is supposed to follow, Ted's dad wanted to send him to Oates Military Academy, not Green Military Academy.
  • One of the students is dressed similar to Spock, a character from the TV and movie series Star Trek.


  • Vice Principal turns Caucasian twice: First, when Detective Logan tells Vice Principal Ryan to hit the floor, and the second time, when Mr. Preston warns the boys if they don't get passing grades, their guitars will be confiscated.
  • Bill's voice comes out of Ted's mouth when he says, "These dweebs read Latin faster than we read English."
  • When the First Most Important Person in the world speaks and the chair lifts up, he is white instead of black.
  • Bill & Ted are missing their robes when the high priest puts his arm across their faces.
  • Sometimes Ted will get white-colored sclera to show more emotion, but this seemed like a mistake when he ran across the table, and right before Bill tries to distract the lion by pointing out a bogus space shuttle.
  • Bill & Ted lost their Incan robes without taking them off.
  • Caesar's laurels change red twice: First, when he asks Brutus if there's something amusing, and secondly, when Bill & Ted are surprised to see Rufus, while Caesar waits for him to come up to him.

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