The Birth of Rock & Roll or Too Hip for the Womb

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The Birth of Rock & Roll or Too Hip for the Womb
Little Richard and Wolfy at school.png
Bill & Ted play with Little Richard and young Mozart at their school.
Premiere date: September 22, 1990
Music composed by: Chuck Loeb
Writers: John Loy & John Ludin
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"The Birth of Rock & Roll or Too Hip for the Womb" is the second episode of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures season one. It aired on September 22, 1990 on CBS. It was written by John Loy and John Ludin.

In order to appreciate classical music for class, Bill & Ted go back in time to meet Mozart, but accidentally go back to when he was a kid, right when his parents need a babysitter. While babysitting, they then go to visit William Tell in 1300, although their pit stop in 1955 for a chance meeting with Little Richard (who guest stars as himself) proves to be more helpful.

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Character debut Speaking debut Ep. debut No lines Mentioned

In order of appearance:

Character Actor
Mr. Scanland Maurice LaMarche
Ted "Theodore" Logan Keanu Reeves
Bill S. Preston, Esq. Alex Winter
Eddie Van Halen
George Carlin (photo) N/A
Leopold Mozart Unavailable
Anna Marie Mozart Kath Soucie
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Kath Soucie
Anna Marie Mozart Kath Soucie
Deacon Logan
Little Richard Himself
Miss Molly Unavailable
Chad Allen
Detective Logan
Grandfather Unavailable
"Heidi" Kath Soucie
Woman Kath Soucie
Bailiff Rob Paulsen
Booth operator #1 Unavailable
Eddy Unavailable
William Tell Unavailable
William Tell's son
Ted's mother





  • Mozarts' carriage





The score was composed by Chuck Leob.


Dates are in order of release:

  • United States: September 22, 1990 on CBS

Behind the scenes

  • New Boys on the Corner is a parody of New Kids on the Block.


  • When Little Richard begins to play the piano in the recording studio, Eddy's entire clothes are blue, when only his tie was blue.
  • There's a subtle difference between the appearance of Leopold Mozart from the first and last time he appeared, possibly indicating he was designed by two separate animators.

Everlasting influence

Alex Winter mentioned working with Little Richard when he appeared as a guest on the July 18, 1991 episode of The Arsenio Hall Show.

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