The Hillbilly Bears

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The Hillbilly Bears
THB 101 title card.png
Title card of the first episode.
Network: NBC
Production company: Hanna-Barbera
Original release: October 2, 1965-October 15, 1966

Starring: Henry Corden
Jean Vander Pyl
Don Messick
Producer(s): William Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Music composed by: Ted Nichols
Writer(s): Tony Benedict
Dalton Sandifer
Director(s): William Hanna
Joseph Barbera

The Hillbilly Bears is a series of animated segments as part of The Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel Show, produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions for NBC's Saturday morning children's programming debuting. It ran from 1965 to 1966, airing 26 episodes that spanned two seasons.

The cartoon revolves around the misadventures of a stereotypically country family who live near the mountainside: consisting of the mumbling father Paw Rugg, his level-headed wife Maw, and their two kids Floral and Shag.

The entire series is available on DVD.



The inspiration behind The Hillbilly Bears came from the television trend of rural-themed sitcoms in 1960s, with the most notable examples being The Andy Griffith Show, The Beverly Hillbillies, and Green Acres.[1]


The music was composed by Ted Nichols.


Episode Number Original air date
"Detour for Sure" 1x01 October 2, 1965
"Woodpecked" 1x02 October 9, 1965
"Anglers Aweigh" 1x03 October 16, 1965
"Stranger Than Friction" 1x04 October 23, 1965
"Goldilocks and the Four Bears" 1x05 October 30, 1965
"Going, Going Gone Gopher" 1x06 November 6, 1965
"Courtin' Disaster" 1x07 November 13, 1965
"Picnic Panicked" 1x08 November 20, 1965
"Judo Kudos" 1x09 November 27, 1965
"Just Plane Around" 1x10 December 4, 1965
"War Games" 1x11 December 11, 1965
"Bricker Brats" 1x12 December 18, 1965
"Slap Happy Grandpappy" 1x13 December 25, 1965
"Pooped Pops" 1x14 January 1, 1966
"Leaky Creek" 1x15 January 8, 1966
"My Fair Hillbilly" 1x16 January 15, 1966
"Rickety-Rockety-Raccoon" 1x17 January 22, 1966
"Modern Inconvenience" 1x18 January 29, 1966
"Rabbit Rumble" 1x19 February 5, 1966
"Speckled Heckler" 1x20 February 12, 1966
"Whirly Bear" 2x01 September 10, 1966
"Saucy Saucers" 2x02 September 17, 1966
"Chipper Chirper" 2x03 September 24, 1966
"Gettin' Paw's Goat" 2x04 October 1, 1966
"Buzzin' Cuzzins" 2x05 October 8, 1966
"Do the Bear" 2x06 October 15, 1966



After its initial airing on The Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel Show, episodes of the segment would appear in the second season of The Banana Splits Adventure Hour.

More recently, the Ruggs appeared in the HBO Max series Jellystone!, where they own a family-run cafe in the titular town.


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