One Sweet & Sour Chinese Adventure—To Go

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One Sweet & Sour Chinese Adventure—To Go
Bill and Ted build the Great Wall.png
Bill and Ted are sentenced to build a certain Chinese wall.
Premiere date: September 15, 1990
Starring: Keanu Reeves
Alex Winter
George Carlin
Hamilton Camp
Music composed by: Chuck Loeb
Writers: John Ludin
John Loy
Directors: Gordon Hunt (voices)
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"One Sweet & Sour Chinese Adventure—To Go" is the first episode of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures season one. It aired on September 15, 1990 on CBS. It was written by John Ludin and John Loy, and voice directed by Gordon Hunt.

After breaking Missy Mom's priceless Chinese vase, Bill and Ted go back in time to ancient China to get a new one, where they got arrested for illegally parking their booth. As punishment, they are forced to build the Great Wall of China, and then after their release, they get tricked into working as shipmates for "Mr. O'Polo," otherwise known as Marco Polo.

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In order of appearance:

Character Actor
Missy Preston Unavailable
Mr. Preston Unavailable
Bill S. Preston, Esquire Alex Winter
Ted "Theodore" Logan Keanu Reeves
Rufus George Carlin
Delivery boy N/A
Old man Unavailable
Doctor Lao Unavailable
Detective Logan
Guard Unavailable
Kitten Kaboodles Unavailable
Bouncer Unavailable
Kublai Khan Unavailable
Marco Polo Hamilton Camp
Kidnapper Unavailable
Shark Unavailable
Marco Polo's boss Unavailable
Spaghetti Unavailable





  • Marco Polo's ship





The theme song was performed by Randy Peterson and Kevin Quinn. The music was composed by Chuck Leob for Score Productions. Bodie Chandler was the director of music production.


Dates are in order of release:

  • United States: September 15, 1990 on CBS

Behind the scenes

  • Presumably because of legal issues, the Circle K, which is where Bill & Ted first met Rufus in Bill Ted's Excellent Adventure, is now the Kozy Korner.
  • The EPCOT Center, now known as simply Epcot, is a Disney theme park.
  • Bill and Ted mention the TV series The Love Boat.
  • Dr. Lao's The 1000 Vases shop is a reference to the film 7 Faces of Dr. Lao.


  • Bill and Ted are somehow able to hold their breaths and then be able to talk clearly without opening their mouths.

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