Episode 1 (The Banana Splits)

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Episode 1
TBSAH title card.png
Premiere date September 7, 1968
Run time 46:43 (with Kellogg's sponsor ads)
Starring Paul Winchell
Jeff Winkless
Daws Butler
Terence H. Winkless
Allan Melvin
Anne W. Withrow
James Dove
Music composed by Ted Nichols
David Mook
Writer(s) Jack Hanrahan
Phil Hahn
Ellis Kadison
Anthony Spinner
Director(s) Richard Donner
Animation director(s) Charles A. Nichols
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"Episode 1" is the first episode of The Banana Splits Adventure Hour season one. It aired on September 7, 1968 on NBC. It was written by Jack Hanrahan, Phil Hahn, Ellis Kadison, and Anthony Spinner, and directed by Richard Donner.

Included is "Joining of the Knights" from Arabian Knights, "Danger Island 1" from Danger Island, and "The Littlest Musketeer" from The Three Musketeers.

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In order of appearance:

Character Actor
Announcer (voice only) Allan Melvin
Fleegle Jeff Winkless (performer)
Paul Winchell (voice)
Bingo Terence H. Winkless (performer)
Daws Butler (voice)
Drooper Anne W. Withrow (performer)
Allan Melvin (voice)
Snorky James Dove (performer)
N/A (voice)
Cuckoo Paul Winchell (voice)
Banana Vac Allan Melvin (voice)
Lou Costello N/A
Atom Ant N/A
Granny Sweet N/A
Precious Pupp N/A
Paw Rugg N/A
Maw Rugg N/A
Floral Rugg N/A
Shag Rugg N/A
Secret Squirrel N/A
Morocco Mole N/A
Coil N/A
Multi N/A
Fluid N/A
Goofy Gopher Paul Winchell (voice)




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It was copyrighted in 1968.


The theme song, "The Tra La La Song," was performed by Ritchie Adams and Mark Barkan. The music was composed by Ted Nichols and David Mook.


  1. "You're the Lovin' End"
  2. "Soul"


Dates are in order of release:

  • United States: September 7, 1968 on NBC

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