Doctor Phineus Phibes

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Doctor Phineus Phibes
Doctor Phineus Phibes.png
Species Human
Gender Male
Affiliation Agent 1
Agent 2
Doctor Trebla
Ricky and Mark
Father Agent 13[1][2]
Mother Mentioned[3]
Marital status Single
First appearance GAC: "Shags to Riches"
Played by Jeff Bennett

Doctor Phineus Phibes is a German technological pirate bent on world domination and becoming immortal, who acts as the main villain in the Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get a Clue! animated television series. He is voiced by Jeff Bennett.

Character description

Phibes is hellbent on becoming immortal and stealing other scientists' creations to further his goals. When he was younger he once made his own experimental machine to become immortal, but it caused permanent changes and further affected his eclectic personality, such as losing his left hand, losing most of his hair, and becoming a lightning rod, forcing him to become a recluse. He was somehow able to build an army to follow his cause, numbering all of his minions, which even includes his own elderly father designated Agent 13.[1][2]

The second goal of Phibes is to take over the world by any means necessary, whether it by destroying the rainforest,[1] or disabling the planet's electronic devices.[2]

He hates Shaggy Rogers and Scooby-Doo more than anyone else in the world, who always encumber his plans. He is also repeatedly annoyed by the ineptitude and quirkiness of his agents and techies, especially Agent 2, whose stupidity knows no bounds, although it says very little about Phibes's own character, as he relies greatly on Agent 2 to do his bidding.

It's unclear why Phibes has a German accent since his father sounds American, and it's unknown where his mother comes from. In the opening sequence, it goes one step further by having him do a Nazi salute but this isn't further elaborated on in the series itself.

The many conscious or subconscious facets of Phibes are discovered when he makes clones of himself, which include dressing up as a pirate for obvious reasons, an explosive pie-throwing clown, a kleptomaniac bank robber, a kung fu artist, a clone who screams, "Peekaboo," and another one who pulls down pants.




Behind the scenes


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