Alexander Cabot III

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Alexander Cabot III
Alexander Cabot III.png
Species Human
Gender Male
Affiliation Josie and the Pussycats
Occupation Band manager
Sister(s) Alexandra Cabot
Marital status Single
First appearance JPC: "The Nemo's a No No Affair" (1970)
Played by Casey Kasem

Alexander Cabot III is one of the supporting characters in Josie and the Pussycats animated franchise. He is voiced by Casey Kasem.

Alexander is the manager of Josie and the Pussycats, a relatively small-time band with catchy songs, who he somehow gets major gigs for around the world for important people, and yet come off no richer than when they started out. He always cuts corners, gets them to travel by unconventional means, and forces them into menial labor to pay off free transport.

Character description

He acts level-headed, but whenever danger lurks, he will attempt to run screaming. His fear makes him quite similar to Shaggy Rogers of Scooby-Doo (also both being voiced by Kasem), although when they actually met face to face, he acts more mature and brave in comparison.




In Space

Scooby Meets the Pussycats



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Behind the scenes

Looks like someone didn't get the memo.

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