Scooby-Doo Meets the Addams Family

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Scooby-Doo Meets the Addams Family
Premiere date September 23, 1972
Starring Don Messick
Casey Kasem
Heather North
Frank Welker
Nicole Jaffe
John Astin
Janet Waldo
Ted Cassidy
Carolyn Jones
Jodie Foster
Jackie Coogan
Cindy Henderson
John Stephenson
Music composed by Hoyt Curtin
Director(s) William Hanna
Joseph Barbera
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"Scooby-Doo Meets the Addams Family" is the third episode of The New Scooby-Doo Movies season one. It aired on September 23, 1972 on CBS. It was produced and directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, the founders of Hanna-Barbera Productions.

While Gomez and Morticia plan on leaving for their second honeymoon, the gang gets tricked into being house sitters in the Addams family house. But when Wednesday goes missing, it leaves room for the group to solve another mystery.

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The music was composed by Hoyt Curtin, who was credited as musical director, with musical supervision from Paul DeKorte.


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Behind the scenes

  • This episode features the first animated appearance of the Addams Family, who previously appeared from 1964 to 1966 on the live-action television adpatation of the same name, which itself is based on Charles Addams' New Yorker cartoons.


Everlasting influence

  • A year after this episode aired, Hanna-Barbera produced a cartoon of the Addams Family in 1973. Jackie Coogan and Ted Cassidy reprised their roles as Uncle Fester and Lurch in this series, respectively.
  • In the April 20, 1999 episode of Jeopardy! had the "The Addams Family" category, with the $200 question as, "The Addams got their Saturday morning start when they guest-starred on this sleuth pooch's show," with the answer being, "Who is Scooby-Doo?"

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Hungarian Scooby-Doo és az Addams Family Scooby-Doo and the Addams Family

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