The Thing's the Play

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The Thing's the Play
Thing swings in.png
The Thing swings over to save Betty and Ferdinand Bestmore.
Premiere date: October 13, 1979
Run time: 11:36
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"The Thing's the Play" is the sixth episode (part two) of The Thing season one. It aired on October 13, 1979 on NBC.

An old acting teacher kidnaps Betty after he confuses her for another actress he once taught, thinking he can recapture their former glory.

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Character debut Speaking debut Ep. debut No lines Mentioned

In order of appearance:

Character Actor
Kelly Harkness Noelle North
Ronald Radford John Erwin
Betty Harkness Marilyn Schreffler
Benjy Grimm Wayne Morton
Andre John Stephenson
Miss Twilly Marilyn Schreffler
The Thing Joe Baker
Ronald's father
Ferdinand Bestmore Unavailable
Hedda Hare N/A




  • Ronald's car





Behind the scenes

  • The episode title is a paraphrased quote of "The play's the thing", from William Shakespeare's Hamlet.
  • The school has a separate building just for the cafeteria.
  • Bestmore also calls his school the Ferdinand Bestmore School of Acting.


  • I know Kelly doesn't have any friends of her own, but her hanging out at her sister's school just to have lunch is too much. She has a cheek to complain about the food, despite the fact she probably shouldn't even be there?
  • The fake cliff in the theater is way too big to realistically fit on the stage.
  • It's unclear what snapped Bestmore out of it.

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  • Warner Bros. own the show, while Disney own the characters, making it difficult to release this episode onto DVD.