The Thing

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This article is about the Fantastic Four character. For The Addams Family character, see Thing.
The Thing
The Thing.png
Aw, yeah! It's clobberin' time!
Species Mutated human
Gender Male
Member of Fantastic Four
Affiliation Mr. Fantastic
Invisible Girl
Human Torch
Occupation Superhero
First appearance FF: "Menace of the Mole Men" (1967)
Played by Paul Frees (1967-68)
Joe Baker (1979)
Wayne Morton (as Benjy, 1979)
Ben Grimm.png
The Thing as Ben.

The Thing, the alias of Benjamin "Ben" Grimm, is a superhero and one of the founding members of the Fantastic Four, who starred in the 1967 cartoon of the same name. His voice was originated by Paul Frees.

Exposed to cosmic rays during a flight to space, he and his companions were given extraordinary powers and became part of a superhero team. In Ben's case, he was transformed into a golem-like creature with rocky skin and immense strength. Despite being ashamed of his appearance at first, he has come to accept his fate and sought to be a reliable member of the team.

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Behind the scenes

  • The Thing is a Marvel Comics character created by writer-editor Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby. He made his first appearance in Fantastic Four #1, published in 1961.