It's the Wolf

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This article is about the segments. For the episode, see It's the Wolf (episode). For the VHS, see It's the Wolf (VHS).
It's the Wolf
ITW title card.png
On-screen title card.
Network ABC
Production company Hanna-Barbera
Original release September 6, 1969November 7, 1970
Starring Paul Lynde
Allan Melvin
Daws Butler
Producer(s) William Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Music composed by Hoyt Curtin
Director(s) William Hanna
Joseph Barbera

It's the Wolf is a series of animated segments as part of the Cattanooga Cats, produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions for ABC's Saturday morning children's programming debuting. It ran from 1969 to 1970, airing 25 episodes that spanned two seasons.

After the Motormouse and Autocat shorts had their own half-hour spinoff show, reruns from It's the Wolf shorts were used as part of the show.

Gaining inspiration from the Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog shorts, Mildew Wolf would go different lengths in order to catch Lambsy, usually by wearing different disguises to try and trick Lambsy, but he would usually see through Mildew's disguise and holler "It's the Wolf!," which cues Bristlehound to stop Mildew's scheme, usually by tossing him into the air using his shepherd staff.

So far, the shorts have not been released onto DVD by Warner Archive Collection, likely due to remastering work needed for fully restoring the quality of the episodes. The episode "Slumber Jacks" was originally announced to be featured on the DVD, Best of Warner Bros. 25 Cartoon Collection: Hanna-Barbera, part of the Best of Warner Bros. series, but was removed for an unknown reason.[1], however, the first half of them have been released onto VHS by Hanna-Barbera Home Video in 1988.




The music was composed by Hoyt Curtin.


Episode Number Original air date
"It's the Wolf" 1x01 September 6, 1969
"When My Sheep Comes In" 1x02 September 13, 1969
"A Sheep in the Deep" 1x03 September 20, 1969
"High Hopes" 1x04 September 27, 1969
"Winter Blunder-Land!" 1x05 September 27, 1969
"Merry Go Roundup!" 1x06 October 4, 1969
"Super Sheep Sitting Service" 1x07 October 11, 1969
"Any Sport in a Storm" 1x08 October 18, 1969
"Magic Wanderer" 1x09 October 25, 1969
"Runaway Home" 1x10 November 1, 1969
"Smart Dummy" 1x11 November 8, 1969
"Cat Caper" 1x12 November 15, 1969
"Mask Me No Questions" 1x13 November 22, 1969
"Freeway Frenzy" 1x14 November 29, 1969
"Slumber Jacks" 1x15 December 6, 1969
"Pow-Wow Wolf" 1x16 December 13, 1969
"Ghost of a Chance" 1x17 December 20, 1969
"Lamb Scout Cook Out" 2x01 September 12, 1970
"Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" 2x02 September 19, 1970
"To Beach His Own" 2x03 September 26, 1970
"Sheep Scene Stealer" 2x04 October 3, 1970
"Kookie Cook Book Cook" 2x05 October 10, 1970
"Train Tripped" 2x06 October 17, 1970
"I Never Met a Lamb I Didn't Like!" 2x07 October 24, 1970
"Channel Chasers" 2x08 November 7, 1970



Despite how little known the segments were, Lambsy would later reappear for the Yogi's Ark Lark TV movie and Mildew would later reappear for the Laff-A-Lympics TV series as an on-the-field sportscaster alongside Snagglepuss. Mildew would also later reappear for the Wacky Races 2017 episode "Little Pink Riding Hood," where he played a villainous role, much like he did on his debut series role. Mildew, Lambsy and Bristlehound later appear in the Jellystone! reboot in 2021.

Costumed versions of the three were also featured at Kings Island during the early 1970s.

In popular culture

  • In the Partridge Family episode "I Left My Heart in Cincinnati", the Partridge Family visit Kings Island, where various HB walk around characters can be seen including Mildew, Lambsy and Bristlehound.