Fish Police (TV series)

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For the police department itself, see Fish Police.
Fish Police
FP green title card.png
On-screen title card.
Created by: Jeanne Romano
Network: CBS
Production company: Hanna-Barbera
Distributor: Turner Entertainment
Original release: February 28March 13, 1992
Run time: 23 minutes
Starring: John Ritter
Hector Elizondo
Ed Asner
Jonathan Winters
Tim Curry
Robert Guillaume
Buddy Hackett
Megan Mullally
JoBeth Williams
Georgia Brown
Charlie Schlatter
Executive producer(s): David Kirschner
Benjamin Melniker
Michael E. Uslan
Producer(s): Larry Huber
Jeanne Romano
Music composed by: James Horner
Steven Bramson
Writer(s): Jeanne Romano
Michele Gendelman
Bonnie DeSouza
Director(s): Don Lusk
Gordon Hunt (voices)
Animation director(s): Joanna Romersa
Joan Drake
Allen Wilzbach
Frank Andrina
Second title card
FP red title card.png
The red variation.

Fish Police is an American animated film noir fantasy television series produced by Hanna-Barbera for CBS in prime-time. It ran in 1992, airing 6 episodes that spanned one season. It was adapted from the independent comic series of the same name created by Steve Moncuse, who had nothing to do with the cartoon and wasn't a fan.[1]




The theme song was composed by James Horner, and the music was composed by either Horner or Steven Bramson. The director of music production was Bodie Chandler.


Episode Number Original air date
"The Shell Game" 1x01 February 28, 1992
"A Fish Out of Water" 1x02 March 6, 1992
"Beauty's Only Fin Deep" 1x03 February 27, 1992
"The Codfather" 1x04 Unknown
"The Two Gils" 1x05 Unknown
"No Way to Treat a Fillet-dy" 1x06 Unknown


In popular culture

  • In The Simpsons episode "Treehouse of Horrors III," when Bart and Lisa go to the cemetery, the camera moves past tombstones reading Fish Police, Capitol Critters, and Family Dog, all of which were created as competition to The Simpsons, but all they succeeded in doing was failing spectacularly.


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