Bedrock (TV series)

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You may also be looking for Bedrock, the location.
Bedrock promo.jpg
Promotional image.
Created by: Elizabeth Banks
Network: Fox
Production company: Warner Bros. Animation
Brownstone Productions
Fox Entertainment
Distributor: Warner Bros. Television

Starring: Elizabeth Banks
Executive producer(s): Elizabeth Banks
Max Handelman
Dannah Shinder
Lindsay Kerns

Writer(s): Lindsay Kerns
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Bedrock is an American animated sitcom TV series produced by Warner Bros. Animation, Brownstone Productions, and Fox Entertainment for Fox. It is the seventh Flintstones series after The Flintstones, and acts as a sequel to the latter, set 20 years into the future. It will air in prime-time just as the original series did.

The Flintstones and Bedrock are at the dawn of a new era, as Fred is on the brink of retirement and her 20-something daughter, Pebbles, is ready to embark on her own career, at a time where civilization is transitioning from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age.



On July 11, 2019, an unnamed series was announced to be in early works between actress Elizabeth Banks's Brownstone Productions and Warner Bros. for primetime.[1] The name of the series and details about the plot were finally revealed on April 27, 2021, along with the writer of the pilot to be Lindsay Kerns, and Fox intending to be the broadcaster.[2]


The same day the name of the series was revealed, it was also announced Elizabeth Banks herself was cast as an adult Pebbles.[2]




Title Number Air date
TBA 1x01 TBA