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Peter Perfect
Peter Perfect.png
Species Human
Gender Male
Marital status Husband to Penelope Pitstop in Wacky Races Forever
Children One son, Parker Perfect, in Wacky Races Forever
One daughter, Piper Perfect, in Wacky Races Forever
First appearance WR: "See-Saw to Arkansas" (1968)
Played by Daws Butler (1968–69)
Greg Burson (2000)
Jeff Bennett (2006)
Diedrich Bader (201719)
WRF Peter Perfect.png
Wacky Races Forever
File:WRL Peter.png
Wacky Raceland
File:WR 2017 Peter.png
Wacky Races

Peter Perfect is one of the main characters in the Wacky Races animated franchise. His voice was originated by Daws Butler.

He is known for being the driver of the Turbo Terrific (designated #9).

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