Olive Oyl

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Olive Oyl
Olive Oyl.png
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Affiliation: J. Wellington Wimpy
Eugene the Jeep
Father: Papa Oyl
Mother: Nana Oyl
Marital status: Wife to Popeye in Popeye and Son
Children: One son, Popeye Jr., in Popeye and Son
First appearance: ANPH: "Popeye the Carpenter" (1979)
Played by: Marilyn Schreffler

Olive Oyl is a main character in the Popeye animated franchise. She is voiced by Marilyn Schreffler.

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Behind the scenes

  • Even when she was married to Popeye in Popeye and Son, she seemed to keep the name Oyl.