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The Doggies in "Vacation Tripped".
First appearance: AD&DD: "Foxhound Hounded Fox"

The Doggies are a family of anthropomorphic dogs who were given the name "Just Plain Doggie".


Augie Doggie

Augie Doggie is the rambunctious only son of Doggie Daddy, who constantly brings home animals, much to his father's regrets.

Doggie Daddy

Doggie Daddy is the smooth-talking single parent of Augie and the main protagonist of the shorts. His voice is that of based on Jimmy Durante.

Sheriff Grandpapa

Sheriff Grandpapa is the grandfather of Augie. He only appeared in the Augie Doggie Gold Key story "Frontier Fracas" where he becomes the sheriff of a town.

Doggie Daddy's father

Doggie Daddy's father.png

Doggie Daddy's father is the father of Doggie Daddy who only appeared in the comic "Dear Dad's Dear Dad". In the comic, it was revealed that he didn't like modern technology and like his son, Doggie Daddy, he is also very strict to his son.


The Ancestor in "Just Plain Doggie"

The Ancestor, who bares a strong resemblance to Doggie Daddy, is the unnamed Ancestor of the Doggies who appeared in a flashback in the comic story "Just Plain Doggie".

Great Uncle Sea Doggie

Great Uncle Sea Doggie is the great uncle of the Doggies who appeared in "Like Father, Like Son". He bares a strong resemblance to Augie.



Behind the scenes

  • Augie's mother was never seen nor mentioned in the series or comics, but it's known that she exists.