Claude Pertwee

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Claude Pertwee
Claude Pertwee.png
Pertwee in "The Ramblin' Wreck."
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Beverly
Marge Huddles
Penny McCoy
Mother: Mrs. Pertwee, mentioned in the Pilot Pitch
Sibling(s): One sister, Celine Pertwee
One brother, Gregory Pertwee
Uncle(s): Judge Pertwee, Pertwee Famous, Oscar, Eddie Hughes Pertwee, Two unnamed uncles mentioned in "A Sticky Affair", William Randolph Pertwee
Cousin(s): George, Francis X Pertwee the DA, Annie Pertwee
Marital status: Single
First appearance: WH: "The Old Swimming Hole" (1970)
Played by: Paul Lynde
Pilot Pertwee.png

Claude Pertwee is the next door neighbor of the Rhinos' football player, Ed Huddles. Pertwee is usually played off as the main antagonist in the Where's Huddles? animated TV series. He is voiced by Paul Lynde.

When encountering Ed and Bubba, he would usually call them "savages" because of them being football players, he also owns a pet cat named "Beverly".

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