Calling Dr. Paddington

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Calling Dr. Paddington
Paddington visits Mr. Curry.png
Paddington visits Mr. Curry, while disguised as a doctor.
Premiere date: December 3, 1989
Starring: Charlie Adler
Georgia Brown
Tim Curry
Hamilton Camp
Kenneth Mars
Writers: Gordon Kent
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"Calling Dr. Paddington" is the second episode of Paddington Bear season one. It aired on December 3, 1989 in syndicated markets that featured The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera programming blocks. It was written by Gordon Kent, and directed by Don Lusk, Paul Sommer, Oscar Dufau, and Art Davis.

Mr. Curry's scheme of getting Paddington to his gardening chores backfires when it sends him to the hospital. Paddington tries to make up for it by visiting him, which causes all kinds of mix-ups for the staff.

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In order of appearance:

Character Actor
Mrs. Bird Georgia Brown
Paddington Brown Charlie Adler
Mr. Curry Tim Curry
Henry Brown
Cop Unavailable
Mr. Gruber Hamilton Camp
Mary Brown
Receptionist Tim Curry
Mr. Grant
Doctor Heinz Unavailable
Nurse 1 Unavailable
Doctor Unavailable
Aunt Lucy
Nurse 2 Unavailable
Patient 1 Unavailable
Sir Archibald Kenneth Mars
Patient 2 Unavailable
Medical student Unavailable



  • Lawnmower


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The music was composed by Tom Worrall. Joanne Miller was the director of music supervision.


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