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Long time HB fan, I believe I've been a fan since 2019 while I was watching some Boomerang bumpers on YouTube. The cartoons caught my attention, and that's where the interest begun.

I may be offline for a couple of days at some point due to moving.

Some history

Hello there! I always wanted to work on a platform to help out with a Hanna-Barbera wiki, but unfortunately Fandom's updates make it harder and harder for anyone to edit. A good friend I met on Fandom asked me to help out here, and so, here I am. I'm currently working on adding series pages, episode pages, character pages and adding screenshots from various HB shows. I'm working out a system to make as many pages as possible by collecting title cards, so far I got most of the 60's stuff title cards.

I grew up watching the Hanna-Barbera catalog on Boomerang, but didn't get into it until 2019.

I don't want to share too much about myself, but I'm male, I live in the United States, and I was born on July 24.

In my rather small HB collection, I own the Sneezly and Baba Looey Funko pops, an Augie Doggie Bubble club, the Augie Doggie book, Augie Doggie Camps Out, the Hokey Wolf book, Hokey Wolf and Ding-a-Ling featuring Huckleberry Hound and the VHS, Scooby-Doo & Friends: Mostly Ghostly. For Scooby stuff, I own a few figures of Scooby himself, a minifig of Scooby and some DVDs.

I might slow down a bit on editing in the future in concerns about health reasons.


  • Most broadcastings of Hokey cartoons have the credits hidden, and so, it's really hard for us at Hanna-Barbera Wiki to get ahold of the original credits for each cartoon, would you help us out at Hanna-Barbera Wiki to collect the original credits for each short? Thanks.
  • Comic lineups I might finish in the future.
    • Yogi and his Toy
      • Issue 1
        • Yogi Bear in The Honey Tree
        • Quick Draw McGraw in Taken for a Ride'
        • Magilla Gorilla in Joey's Birthday
        • Boss Cat in Dibble's New Beat
        • Huckleberry Hound in The Winning Prize
        • Unnamed Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks story on the back cover
      • Issue 2
        • Yogi Bear in Fishing For Jam Buns
        • Quick Draw McGraw in Cowboy Pancakes
        • Magilla Gorilla in Magilla Learns the Hard Way
        • Boss Cat in Boss Cat and the Red Car
        • Huckleberry Hound in Fun in Scotland
        • The Flintstones in Fred Forgets his Lunch
        • Unnamed Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks story on the back cover
      • Issue 3
      • Issue 4
        • Yogi Bear in Head Stand
        • Quick Draw McGraw in Run to the Station
        • Magilla Gorilla in Magilla Makes a Splash!
        • Boss Cat in Crossing the Street
        • Huckleberry Hound in Fun in Scotland part 2
        • The Flintstones in The Old Rocking Chair
        • Unnamed Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks story on the back cover
      • Issue 5
        • Unnamed Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks story on the back cover
      • Issue 6
        • Unnamed Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks story on the back cover
      • Issue 7
      • Issue 8
      • Issue 9
      • Issue 10
      • Issue 11
      • Issue 12
      • Issue 13
      • Issue 14
      • Issue 15
      • Issue 16
      • Issue 17
      • Issue 18
      • Issue 19
      • Issue 20
      • Issue 21
      • Issue 22
      • Issue 23
        • Yogi Bear in The Man in the Caravan
        • Quick Draw McGraw in Back Tracking
        • Unnamed Wally Gator and Mr. Twiddle story
        • Boss Cat in For Two Pins
        • Huckleberry Hound in Wild Bees
        • The Flintstones in Holiday Snaps
        • Unnamed Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks story on the back cover
      • Issue 24
      • Issue 25
      • Issue 26
      • Issue 27
        • Yogi Bear in Honey on Tap
        • Quick Draw McGraw in The Dancing Lesson
        • Magilla Gorilla in Horse Sense
        • Boss Cat in The Secret Door
        • Huckleberry Hound in Ding's Old Banger
        • The Flintstones in Barney's Band
        • Unnamed Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks story on the back cover
      • Issue 28
      • Issue 29
      • Issue 30
      • Issue 31
      • Issue 32
      • Issue 33
      • Issue 34
      • Issue 35
      • Issue 36
    • Huckleberry Hound (Gold Key Comics)
    • Where's Huddles? (Gold Key)
  • A Spanish Hokey Wolf book translated reads "Hokey and Daniel (Ding-a-Ling) in Danger after Danger with Animated Cartoons"
  • HB references in ALF
    • ALF sings "Oh My Darling, Clementine" in the episode "Mr. Sandman".
    • "Suspicious Minds": After ALF is convinced a new neighbor is Elvis Presley, he mentions to Willie that the neighbor had a southern accent, Willie then goes on to mention other people with southern accents, one of them being Huckleberry Hound.
  • HB references in Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends
    • In the episode "Nightmare on Wilson Way", Frankie is dressed as Blossom from the Powerpuff Girls, plus another imaginary friend is dressed as Huckleberry Hound.
  • Hanna-Barbera calendar issued to employees, retirees and selected fans every Christmas for years was the inclusion of various "birthdays" and related special days vis-à-vis the several characters. Following is a listing of such from the 1982 (25th Anniversary) calendar, arranged by month:
    • January
      • 6: Anniversary of Bedrock's founding
      • 11: Kwicky Koala's birthday
      • 14: Magilla Gorilla's birthday
      • 17: Huckleberry Hound's birthday
    • February
      • 10: Anniversary of Jellystone Park's dedication
    • March
      • 12: Anniversary of the Jetsons' moon landing (birthday of Joseph Barbera)
      • 17: Trollkins' Trot
      • 21: Scooby-Doo's birthday
      • 22: End of Yogi Bear's hibernation
    • April
      • 28: Scrappy-Doo's birthday
      • 30: Space Ghost's birthday
    • May
      • 2: Hong Kong Phooey's birthday
      • 14: Jabberjaw's birthday
      • 19: The Great Grape Ape's birthday
      • 21: Captain Caveman's birthday
      • 29: Top Cat's birthday
    • June
      • First Saturday: Plan Your Vacation Day
      • 10: Anniversary of Yogi's first pic-a-nic basket
    • July
      • 14: Ruff & Reddy's birthday (birthday of William Hanna)
      • Fourth Saturday: Bedrock Bronto Derby
    • August
      • 10: Touché Turtle's birthday
      • 12: Augie Doggie's birthday
      • Third Wednesday: Scooby's Surf Day
    • September
      • Saturday of Labour Day weekend: Get Ready for School Day
      • 9: Yogi Bear's birthday ("Hey Hey Hey!")
      • 20: Pebbles' birthday
      • 22: Wally Gator's birthday
      • 25: Ed Huddles' birthday
      • 30: Snagglepuss' birthday
    • October
      • Third Wednesday: Bedrock World Series
    • November
      • 17: Lippy the Lion's birthday
      • 20: Bamm-Bamm's birthday
      • 21: Quick Draw McGraw's birthday
    • December
      • First Monday: Opening of Jellystone Park's ski season
      • 22: Yogi goes into hibernation
  • HBTV: Old Time Rock & Roll
  • HBTV: Top Rock
  • Top Rock
  • Augie was known as "Little Augie" at one point.
  • Unknown HB cartoon about foxes.
  • Some info about the Sinbad Jr. episode, "Knight Fright."
    • Production number is A-T-100
    • Day and Date: April 16, 1965 - Time: 11:30 AM
    • Voice cast:
      • Aside from Sinbad and Salty, the cast includes:

HB character names

List of Mildew's insults

WARNING: not all of these are correctly spelt, I may have to go back and fix some things.

  • "The ASPCA shall hear of this!"
  • "Sorehead"
  • "Millitant Sorehead"
  • "High-Jacker"
  • "Deliberate Spoil Sport"
  • "Wolf Hater"
  • "You Manor Bunkin"
  • "Spoil Sport"
  • "Humorless Hound"
  • "Corny Canine"
  • "Boy oh boy ask a silly question"
  • "Sheepdog Brutality"
  • "Bow Wow Buffoon"
  • "Furry Meddler"
  • "Trouble Maker"
  • "Like a Bowout"
  • "Lack Wit"
  • "Me and my Big Mouth"
  • "Doubting Comments"
  • "Ingrate"
  • "Smart Alec Sheepdog"
  • "Sorehead Lamb Sitter"
  • "Bow Wow Baginski"
  • "Masked Malcontent"
  • "Masked Meddler"
  • "Party Pooper"
  • "Doggie Ding-a-Ling"
  • "Uninvited Pest"
  • "Fool's Cap"
  • "Doggie Duns"
  • "Darn Gone Dog"
  • "Litterbug"
  • "Crabby Canine"
  • "Cornball Canine"
  • "Harvest Hound"
  • "Dog Pound Dropout"
  • "Canine Catheter"
  • "Metal Some Mutt"
  • "Low-tied Lowbrow"
  • "Moby Dick"
  • "Muscle Bound Mutt"
  • "Muscle Beach Brute"
  • "Stage-Door Dummy"
  • "Hammy Hound"
  • "Bow Wow Fib-Player"
  • "Popcorn Peddler"
  • "Doggie Do-Gooder"
  • "Spoil Trip"
  • "Choo-Choo Train Chump"
  • "Caboose Clown"
  • "Roundhouse Roustabout"
  • "Obedient School Dropout"
  • "Pow-Wow Hater"
  • "Showbiz Hater"

Pages to be created

This isn't just a task for me. Anyone can help out.


Stuff I plan to do on the wiki, this list may not be in order, but I plan to get everything under it done, you're welcome to help out, I won't mind:

  • Make pages for voice actors, animators, writers .etc
  • Finish episodes for Snooper and Blabber.
  • Make all of the HB shows or movies (so far, that's been mostly finished)
  • Finish all of the Wally Gator shorts.
  • Finish all of the Lippy the Lion shorts.
  • Upload promo art for shows and characters.
    • Finish uploading Top Cat promo stuff.
    • Start on Augie promo art.
    • Finish Wally Gator and Touché promo art.
    • Continue on Snagg, Quick Draw, Huck and Yogi promo art.
    • Upload whatever else I have.
  • Finish the Band-Wagon comic series.
  • Fix the episode ordering and airdates for both Augie Doggie and Snooper.

In between shorts

During a couple of shows (such as Huck, Yogi and Quick Draw), in between shorts were featured, although we're still missing quite a few of them (namely because of WB not releasing them), we have half of them found, credit to Steven Hanson on YouTube for the Huck/Quick Draw uploads.


Quick Draw


Cattanooga Cats

CB Bears

Heyyy, It's the King!

Useful links I found