The Curse of the Red Paw

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The Curse of the Red Paw
Grandpa holds Red Paw paper.png
Grandpa identifies the townsfolk fear from the Red Paw pattern stuck to Scott's back.
Premiere date November 15, 1986
Music composed by David Kitay & Richard Kosinski
Wells Christie
John Lewis Parker
James Donnellan
Writer(s) Bruce Reid Schaeffer
Director(s) Gordon Kent
Animation director(s) Jon McClenahan
Darrell Van Citters
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"The Curse of the Red Paw" is the tenth episode of Teen Wolf season one. It aired on November 15, 1986 on CBS. It was written by Bruce Reid Schaeffer, and produced and directed by Gordon Kent.

The Howards return to Transylvania so Scott can inherit a castle, even in spite of the legendary curse of the Red Paw surrounding it.

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In order of appearance:

Character Actor
Pamela Wells Ellen Gerstell
Scott Howard Townsend Coleman
Boof Marconi Jeannie Elias
Messenger Unavailable
Grandpa Howard Stacy Keach, Sr.
Grandma Howard June Foray
Harold Howard James Hampton
Baron von Howardstein
Pilot Unavailable
Lupe Howard Unavailable
Coachman Unavailable
Sasha Unavailable
Rotternburg mayor Unavailable
Innkeeper Unavailable
Mick McAllister
Caretaker Unavailable
Shopkeeper Unavailable
Hiram Gromish Unavailable






Buzz Dixon was story editor.



The music was composed by David Kitay and Richard Kosinski, Wells Christie, John Lewis Parker, and James Donnellan. Music was supervised by Steve Tyrell. The music design was performed by Tyrell/Mann.

The opening music was written by Parker and Barry Mann, and sung by Tyrell. While the closing music was written by Ashley Hall and Stefanie Tyrell, and sung by Hall.


Dates are in order of release:

  • United States: September 13, 1986 on CBS

Behind the scenes

  • Grandpa's real name is revealed to be Niklos.


  • The Howlmobile is present without Stiles.
  • The castle drawn at night isn't the same as the castle drawn in the day.

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