Save Me!

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Save Me!
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Premiere date June 5, 2016
Run time 11:06
Starring Mike Tyson
Norm Mcdonald
Rachel Ramras
Larry Dorf
Nat Faxon
Hugh Davidson
Music composed by Walker Martin
Writer(s) Hugh Davidson
Larry Dorf
Rachel Ramras
Storyboard artist(s) Chris Berkeley
Chris Graham
Director(s) Jeff Siergey
Art director(s) Jeff Palm
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"Save Me!" is the eighteenth episode of Mike Tyson Mysteries season two, and the twenty-eighth overall. It aired on June 5, 2016 on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block. It was written by Hugh Davidson, Larry Dorf, and Rachel Ramras, and produced and directed by Jeff Siergey.

Yung meets a boy in her new Christian youth group, who is concerned she will be left behind during the rapture.

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In order of appearance:

Character Actor
Margaret Rachel Ramras
Margaret's husband Larry Dorf
Mike Tyson Himself
Marquess of Queensberry Jim Rash
Yung Hee Tyson Rachel Ramras
Pigeon Norm Macdonald
Waiter #1 Unavailable
Waiter #2 Unavailable
Will Nat Faxon
Bathog Nat Faxon
Terry Jones Hugh Davidson








It was copyrighted in 2016.


The music was composed by Walker Martin.

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Dates are in order of release:

  • United States: June 5, 2016 on Adult Swim (Cartoon Network)

Behind the scenes

  • The subtitles refer to Romualdo's as Remaldo's.
  • Margaret's husband is just credited as "Old man."
  • During the end credits, the real Mike says that he was mistaken about it being the 100th mystery, instead it is the 30th.


Everlasting influence

  • It's unclear if this is supposed to be the last episode of the season or not, because "Help a Brother Out," the first episode of season 3, continues from the end of this episode. The team even discusses this and breaks the fourth wall.
  • Marquess has the house restored in "The Beginning."

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