The Impossibles (segments)

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This article refers to the TV series. For the group itself, see The Impossibles.
The Impossibles
TI 101A title card.png
On-screen title card.
Network: CBS
Production company: Hanna-Barbera
Distributor: Taft Broadcasting
Original release: September 10, 1966January 7, 1967

Starring: Paul Frees
Don Messick
Hal Smith
Producer(s): William Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Music composed by: Ted Nichols
Writer(s): Michael Maltese
Jack Hanrahan
Eddie Brandt
Phil Hahn
Director(s): William Hanna
Joseph Barbera

The Impossibles is a series of action/adventure segments of Frankenstein Jr. and the Impossibles, produced by Hanna-Barbera (H-B) for CBS' Saturday morning children's programming. It ran from 1966 to 1967, airing 18 episodes that spanned one season.



The show was originally going to be titled The Incredibles,[1] before being retitled The Amazing Impossibles. Incidentally, the former name would later be used for the Pixar film and franchise of the same name.

There were also plans for a soundtrack album featuring the songs performed by the band. It never got past a test pressing featuring "Hiddy Hiddy Hoo" and "She Couldn't Dance."



The music was composed by Ted Nichols.

There were at least nine different songs sung by the Impossibles band within the show, but none of them have been heard in their entirety, as they are interrupted or covered up by dialogue.

  • "Little Sally Ann" - a rock cover of the traditional playground song. Known lyrics include: "Little Sally Ann, sittin' in the sand, turn to the east, and turn to the west, and turn to the very one that you love best. Little Sally Ann, whatcha gonna do? / How can you be loving me and loving someone new?" It was sung in "The Bubbler," "The Return of the Spinner," "The Artful Archer," and "Billy the Kidder."
  • "I See Your Smiling Face" - Known lyrics include: "I see your smiling face and my heart swells up with pride / I feel your warm embrace and I get all choked up inside / And then I wonder..." It was sung in "The Spinner," "The Diabolical Dauber," "The Scurrilous Sculptor," and "Professor Stretch Bounces Back."
  • "Some People Think" - Known lyrics include "Some people think that you gotta have money / Other people wait for a day that's sunny / But I don't care what other people may do...what could be better than being together with you?" It was sung in "The Perilous Paper Doll," "The Devilish Dragster," "The Insidious Inflator," and "The Anxious Angler."
  • "Do the Pussycat Walk" - Known lyrics include the opening line "There's a new dance that just hit town / Everybody's coming from miles around" and the refrain "Do the pussycat walk." It was sung in "Beamtron," "Aquator," and "The Rascally Ringmaster," and was used as background music in "The Scheming Spraysol."
  • "Meet Me at Caesar's Place" - Known lyrics include "Come on baby, let me take you out, I wanna show you where it's at, there's a place where we..." and the refrain "Meet me at Caesar's place." It was sung in "The Burrower," "The Puzzler," "The Return of the Perilous Paper Man," and "The Fiendish Dr. Futuro."
  • "Shake and Move and Dance" - Known lyrics include "When you hear that beat / Gotta move your feet / Get up in the groove / Gotta shake and move and dance (dance), dance (dance), dance, dance, dance..." It was sung in "Timeatron," "Televisatron," "The Dastardly Diamond Dazzler," and "The Infamous Mr. Instant."
  • "Come Little Darling" - Known lyrics include "Come little darling, don't be blue, put on your makeup," "We'll turn that frown upside down / You'll be so happy, you'll forget to frown." It was sung in "Smogula," "The Satanic Surfer," "Cronella Critch the Tricky Witch," and "The Crafty Clutcher."
  • "Hey You (Hiddy Hiddy Hoo)" - This one was released in full. It was sung in "The Sinister Speck," "Fero the Fiendish Fiddler," "The Terrible Twister," and "The Not-So-Nice Mr. Ice,"
  • "She Couldn't Dance" - Also released in full. It was sung in "Mother Gruesome," "The Wretched Professor Stretch," "The Terrifying Tapper," and "The Bizarre Batter."


Title Number Original air date
"The Bubbler" / "The Spinner" 1x01 September 10, 1966
"The Perilous Paper Doll" / "Beamatron" 1x02 September 17, 1966
"The Burrower" / "Timeatron" 1x03 September 24, 1966
"Smogula" / "The Sinister Speck" 1x04 October 1, 1966
"Fero, the Fiendish Fiddler" / "Mother Gruesome" 1x05 October 8, 1966
"Televisatron" / "The Diabolical Dauber" 1x06 October 15, 1966
"Aquator" / "The Wretched Professor Stretch" 1x07 October 22, 1966
"The Devilish Dragster" / "The Return of the Spinner" 1x08 October 29, 1966
"Satanic Surfer" / "The Puzzler" 1x09 November 5, 1966
"The Scheming Spraysol" / "The Scurrilous Sculptor" 1x10 November 12, 1966
"The Artful Archer" / "The Insidious Inflator" 1x11 November 19, 1966
"The Dastardly Diamond Dazzler" / "The Return of the Perilous Paperman" 1x12 November 26, 1966
"Cronella Critch the Tricky Witch" / "The Terrible Twister" 1x13 December 3, 1966
"Professor Stretch Bounces Back" / "The Terrifying Tapper" 1x14 December 10, 1966
"The Anxious Angler" / "The Rascally Ringmaster" 1x15 December 17, 1966
"Billy the Kidder" / "The Fiendish Dr. Futuro" 1x16 December 24, 1966
"The Crafty Clutcher" / "The Infamous Mr. Instant" 1x17 December 31, 1966
"The Bizarre Batter" / "The Not So Nice Mr. Ice" 1x18 January 7, 1967



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