Decepto the Great (episode)

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This article is about the episode. For the character, see Decepto the Great.
Decepto the Great
Decepto's puff of smoke.png
Decepto the Great disappears in a puff of smoke before the Thing can get him.
Premiere date: October 13, 1979
Run time: 11:35
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"Decepto the Great" is the sixth episode (part one) of The Thing season one. It aired on October 13, 1979 on NBC.

A phony stage magician and his wife come to Benjy's school fair to steal from all the kids.

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In order of appearance:

Character Actor
Decepto the Great Unavailable
Decepto the Great's wife Unavailable
Professor Harkness John Stephenson
Betty Harkness Marilyn Schreffler
Kelly Harkness Noelle North
Benjy Grimm Wayne Morton
Tweeto N/A
Ronald Radford John Erwin
Mr. Janson Unavailable
The Thing Joe Baker
Miss Twilly Marilyn Schreffler



  • Benjy's rings


  • Decepto's van





Behind the scenes

  • Betty asks Benjy if he wants to go out on a date, despite the fact she is dating Ronald.
  • This is the first time Benjy loses one of his rings and is wrongly accused of a crime.


  • From a long shot, Decepto's wife is missing when the camera is on his side of the van, and the same happens to him when the camera is on her side.

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Home availability

  • Warner Bros. own the show, while Disney own the characters, making it difficult to release this episode onto DVD.