The Thing and the Captain's Ghost

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The Thing and the Captain's Ghost
Ghost scares Benjy's gang.png
Benjy and his friends are all scared off by the ghost of Captain Clancy, who is really Spike in disguise.
Premiere date: December 1, 1979
Run time: 11:37
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"The Thing and the Captain's Ghost" is the thirteenth episode (part one) of The Thing season one. It aired on December 1, 1979 on NBC.

Spike dares Ronald (because let's face it, it's been more his show than the Thing's) to spend a night on an abandoned showboat in the swamp, which he then pretends to haunt.

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In order of appearance:

Character Actor
Waiter Unavailable
Ronald Radford John Erwin
Betty Harkness Marilyn Schreffler
Kelly Harkness Noelle North
Benjy Grimm Wayne Morton
Spike Hanrahan Art Metrano
Stretch Unavailable
Turkey Micheal Sheehan
Captain Yancy
Ronald's father
The Thing Joe Baker
Alligator N/A




  • Benjy's rings






Behind the scenes

  • This episode has been the most Scooby-Doo-ish out of all of them.


  • Ronald is surprised he has to spend the night, despite the fact that's what Spike dared him to do to begin with.
  • When Stretch tells Turkey to shake the floorboards, his voice is coming out of Turkey.
  • The Centerville Belle's name identifying banner pops up out of nowhere for a close up when the Thing pulls it loose.
  • In another close-up, when Benjy leaves the ship, the showboat has its name in red across the wall.

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Home availability

  • Warner Bros. own the show, while Disney own the characters, making it difficult to release this episode onto DVD.